Kiwi Irani

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Kiwi has a unique, divine flavour that you will not experience in any other fruit. It’s brown from the outside and has a vibrant green flesh with small black seeds.
Kiwi is packed with some exquisite flavors and can make you feel utterly refreshing for the day. It has a unique texture that attracts everyone and looks astonishing while serving. Plus, its tangly tastes make it irresistible for everyone. It also comes up with abundant nutrients that can help you treat your asthma and break down protein to better your digestion. You can fancy it any time because it is best for the immune system and try some creative dishes independently. 
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Nutrition Facts
The fruit is made of: 84% water, 1% fat, 15% carbs and 1% protein
1 fruit (2 inch) (69g) Kiwi contains:
Total Calories 42
Fat 0.4g
Total carbohydrate 10.1g
Protein 0.8g
Iron 0.2mg
Calcium 23.5mg
Potassium 215.3mg
Magnesium 11.7mg
Fiber 2.1g
Sugars 6.2g
Vitamin E 1mg
Vitamin C 64mg

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